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  • Confidence Through Fashion.

    *Update: I published this post a year ago, but I thought I should repost because we all need a little push in confidence once in a while. Right? Instead of try-day Friday, do weekend try-day.

    I usually play it safe when it comes to trends, whether it’s hair or outfits. I’ll have an idea of an outfit and when I finally get to wear it and look good, I chicken out at the last minute and opt for a simple tee and jeans ( one can never go wrong with this one).

    I also have a fashion motto: if I feel uncomfortable I’m not wearing it, but that’s about to change. I’ve been trying to gain confidence in my clothes and wear something I wouldn’t wear on a daily basis.
    I don’t get to go out much, my time is between classes, town or a night out once in two months. 🙂 So I don’t really get to dress up unless I’m taking pictures for the blog. When I found out about Dia&Co Try-Day Friday idea I had to get involved! The idea is that every Friday you put on the clothes you own but are too insecure to actually wear. Hopefully I’ll inspire you beautiful people too and get dressing.

    This  is an all black outfit that I really love. I’m wearing leather tights, faux fur sleeveless coat, vest and ankle boots. I’ve worn the tights on many occasions, but never the boots or the faux fur in public. I wore this outfit to town yesterday. The whole time I kept wondering what people thought of my outfit and kept praying to not fall on my face as the boots were too high. I ended up wearing pumps to feel more at ease. Even though I ended up taking off my shoes I got to wear them in public and not just for pictures, which is a great step towards my confidence through fashion.

    So you know those clothes you own but never wear, that skirt, statement tee or knee high boots you purchased because you found them irresistible and yet you cannot get yourself to wear them because you’re afraid whether you going to pull it off? I want you to take them, put them on and tell yourself I look good and I feel good. Go ahead and use that lipstick you only tested indoors and never let anyone see you wearing it.
    I hope you get inspired and get dressing. Go out today feeling like a star that you are.

    Let me know of any outfit ideas you’ve been dying to try.
    Kisses, Maria