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  • The One With The Hair Story.

    Gorgeous hair is the best revenge!

    There’s one constant thing I always receive compliments on: my HAIR! I’m going to thank my mom for her wonderful genes for this trait. My mom has such beautiful luxuriant hair that she always style in an afro or curls. I definitely envy my mom’s hair, especially after she gives it a wash and those after conditioned curls start showing. I’m not going to talk about the volume of her hair because I might not stop. Although she doesn’t like anybody touching her hair, I never miss the chance to get my hands on them when she asks for help. It’s her birthday today so no better way to honor her than thank her for my amazing hair.

    I love my hair, I love its natural texture, the length and the fact that no matter how much heat I apply, it stays loyal. One thing I didn’t inherit from my mom is the volume. I have few hair on my head, and that combined with shoulder length-relaxed hair does not look good at all. For a long a time I was okay with it, but I didn’t like how my bun and how my head looked-tiny and “volume-less” so I went natural. I have been transitioning for a year now and I should come out and say, I am no way close to cutting off my relaxed hair and I don’t think I’ll ever do.  For now, I’m going to enjoy my natural roots and relaxed ends because when blown out, they look amazing together and I feel good when that happens.

    My friends and family usually ask what I use for my hair and I always say  nothing specific, because really I don’t have a specific product I swear by as long as what I’m using at that moment works for me. Here are a few products I have been loving.

    Afri True conditioning Argan Shampoo

    Afri True Ultranourishing Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Dr Miracles Deep Conditioner

    Afri True Heat Protection Serum

    Isoplus Hair Food

    I don’t have a certain amount to use when it comes to the shampoo and conditioner. I repeatedly use the shampoo to the point where I feel that my hair and scalp are clean- I have major dandruff problems. With the conditioner I use enough to untangle my roots and be able to run an afro comb through, it’s a struggle. I find that waiting 15-30 minutes before combing help with the tangles.

    Dr Miracles deep Conditioner comes in handy after the Afri true conditioner because I find it smoothes the natural curls out completely which feels amazing when combing through. I suggest you put a plastic cap over your head and leave it in for 30 minutes or even an hour. The other thing I love about this conditioner is the mint feel it leaves on the scalp.  

    The Heat protection serum comes in handy when blowing out my hair. The serum helps to add shine, protects the hair from damaging, brushing and heat, and nourishes and conditions the hair. I’m not a fan of how it smells though, so that’s a bummer. After all the hair drying and combing I keep my scalp healthy by applying the Isoplus hair food and I love the smell of this so that’s a bonus. If you need something to add some shine and conditioning treatment back into your hair, whether relaxed or natural all this products are the best. 

    How about you? What hair products are you loving recently? Let me know in the comments?