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  • My Top 5 Favorite Series To Watch On Netflix.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds myself scrolling endlessly through options on Netflix trying to find a show that is binge-worthy. Sometimes you find a show, start watching and 10 minutes later you regret your choice because it just doesn’t have the “it” thing. Lately, I’ve had some free time on my hands and found amazing new shows to watch. Here are 5 of my favorite series to watch. Hopefully this will help you find a new show to binge watch.


    Now, when this show first came out people judged it because of its trailer and how it is promoting body shaming, I’m here to tell you: watch it before judging it, because it’s not about body shaming at all. The show is about Patty, a formerly obese girl who was bullied for her weight and now that she is skinny she turns to beauty pageants to exact revenge on everybody who made her feel bad about herself. This is an amazing show about needing to fill that “God-sized hole”.  The comedy is genius and once in a while you’ll find yourself relating to a character.


    This show is about a tight-knit group of friends who met at Harvard. Twenty years later they reconnect and as everyone tries to manage their lives as adults they discover that love and life itself hasn’t gotten easier. Watch as they try to keep secrets as they explore their comedic bonds.


    Starring Penn Padgely as Joe, a bookstore manager obsessed with Beck, an aspiring writer. Joe goes to extreme measures to insert himself in Beck’s life and eliminates anyone that stands in his way. It’s a gripping “what happens next” kind of show and definitely worth a watch.


    This show stars one of my favourite actors: Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, about a man who relocated his family to the Missouri Ozarks due to the failure of a money laundering scheme he was tangled up in. in order to pay off his debt to the Mexican cartel, he is forced to set up an even larger illegal operation. It’s definitely binge-worthy because it’s wild and leaves you wanting to watch more.


    I have probably watched this show three times already. It stares Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, a structural engineer who gets himself incarcerated in the same prison as his wrongly convicted brother to bust him out of the Penitentiary. It’s not a new show so most of you might have watched it already, but if you didn’t you should because it really is a good show. Plus it got revived in 2017 for a season 5 and if the rumours are true there will be a season 6 very soon, which I for one cannot wait for.

    How about you? What are your favourite series? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for new and exciting shows to watch on Netflix!