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  • Bloggers I love.

    I’m always super excited whenever I stumble across a new blog, because I get to know new amazing people through their blogs and just get a sense of who they are in terms of style and perseverance. Over the past few years I’ve discovered a few bloggers that I just love and would love to be besties with.There’s something about awesome and talented people creating unique and exciting content that makes you super proud to be part of the blogging community. 

    These are some of the blogs I love for various reasons and I cannot wait to see what they do next:


    I discovered Victoria on twitter and I went to have a look at her blog and I haven’t stopped since then. I love this amazing lady, from her style (would love to dug my claws into her closet), advice and the awesome trips she always takes. When time allows, I binge watch her vlogs. At the moment she’s busy planning her wedding, so go check her out if you don’t already, and follow along her amazing adventure.


    I love sophie for her style and always amazing captions on Instagram.  Her content is so beautiful crafted with such an honest and creative tone running through, and it never makes you feel like you have to be anything other than yourself which I love. 


    I recently started following opal on Instagram, and since then I have loved seeing her content on my timeline. I love how she always manages to pair her knitwear so elegantly. And she can wear a hell out of a boot.


    Jessica’s blog is just beautiful. Her photography and aesthetic just blows me away and she’s crafted such a creative online space that I just love. Jessica’s blog is one of my favourite lifestyle blogs at the moment and I’m so excited to keep up with her and the awesome content she’s sharing with the world.


    I love Amber’s blog for her blog advice. Her blog advice posts are always so brilliant and they actually do help your blog. None of her posts seems forced and I just love her writing style.

    How about you guys? Who are your favorite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below, I love finding new blogs.

    Kisses, Maria