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  • How to be your own cheerleader.

    A few days ago I watched the movie : The Marc Pease Experience and there was this scene at the beginning where he was so nervous to get on stage and needed reassurance that he could do it and had noting to fear. I laughed so hard in disbelief that one person needed so much motivation from another just so he could pursue his dreams, but as much as I laughed it got me thinking about how often we rely on others to give us the push to move forward.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little push now and then. The problem comes when you constantly have to be told by someone of what you are capable of and not see it yourself. For instance, I know my family always has my back and that I can count on them for support. I know they want me to achieve my dreams even when they don’t understand some of them. But I don’t think they believe that I can really do it. They want to believe that I can, but deep down they don’t, because they are projecting their own realities onto me. We have different realities and its sometimes hard to get used to somebody else’s.

    Often we don’t celebrate our own accomplishments unless somebody approves. We don’t chase our dreams because somebody told us it is hard and it cannot be done, or when we do compliment and celebrate ourselves we are called vain. But you know what its okay to be vain sometimes and be our own fan club. Be your own cheerleader. Start by complimenting yourself. For instance when posting a picture on Instagram, compliment yourself in the caption. When you talk kindly to yourself you start to believe in yourself and those positive things become your reality. Before finding a best friend, be your own best friend.

    How are you learning to be your own cheerleader? Let me know in the comments below.

    Kisses, Maria