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  • Lessons from my Best friend.

    I’ve known this amazing human her whole life. We understand each other better than any man or woman, with a simple look we each know what the other is thinking and we finish each other’s sentences. Our complexions go well together, and we always call each other on our bulls**t. What more could I ask for? I not only have a sister in her, literally, but a friend as well. We have gone through so much together, both good and bad, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although she’s my younger sister, she has taught me so much that I don’t think I could ever live without her.

    Here are a few lessons I’ve learnt from my best friend Margaret:

    1. If it’s funny, laugh your lungs out.
    2. Always speak your mind- if someone doesn’t like it, they’ll get over it.
    3. Always wear your clothes with confidence, with the right attitude you can pull off anything.
    4. Never take yourself too seriously.
    5. Never underestimate your place in someone’s life.
    6. Always have the best pieces in your closet.
    7. Always believe that the good is yet to come.
    8. Forgive, but never forget.
    9. If someone is not good for you, cut them out of your life.
    10. Learn to uplift yourself, never self-negative talk yourself.
    11. Take as many pictures as you can, and always look good while doing it.

    This are the lesson from my best friend. How about you? What lessons have your best friend taught you? Let me know in the comments down below.

    Kisses, Maria