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  • Envy and Jealousy, The Difference.

    The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and this video of Anna Nooshin came up and in the video she was talking about how she found out she was voted as the number one most influential person in the Netherlands, which is a really great achievement for an influencer. As I continued watching I couldn’t stop smiling at how happy she was. I was happy and envious at the same time, this led me to writing this post as sometimes we get the word envy and jealousy mixed up.

    I’d say envy is the feeling to desire something someone else already has. However this does not mean the other person does not deserve this particular thing. For instance, I was envious of Anna. I wanted to feel the happiness she felt and to one day be proud of myself just as she was. I did not feel like she didn’t deserve the title, but rather felt like “I would like to have that too”. I saw this as a pushing point to put in more effort in my work to achieve my dreams. On that note, we can classify envy as a positive driving force that leads us to what we wish for.

    On the other hand, jealousy means we don’t accord others what we’d like for ourselves. Which is really not a good thing, instead of being jealous, I say, we may, scratch that, we should be envious all we want if its going to push us to reach our hopes and dreams