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  • People Don’t Care About You As Much As You Think.

    Now, before you go off on me and put me in my place about how you’re always the center of attention no matter where you are, let me just say this: It’s a positive post and not at all a way to “confidence shame” anyone. I get so anxious almost every 30 mins of the day. I’m always thinking of how people would perceive me, what they think of me or what impression they have of me. I’m slowly learning that people don’t really care as much as I think they do. Which is really a good thing, because let’s be real, spending too much time thinking of how/what people think of you is really just too egotistic.You know that feeling you get when you feel like everybody is looking at you? That feeling when you don’t like how your hair looks or when your top has a little puncture? The feel you get that everybody is staring because they noticed these little things? I get that a lot. I would sometimes find myself making a moronic joke that doesn’t land well, telling a story that was never suppose to be told, or giggling/laughing at something I’m not supposed to, and then spend the next half an hour thinking, “I wasn’t supposed to do that.” or “They might think I’m such a weirdo for saying/doing that.” Thing is, I am a weirdo. I giggle too much, I’ve got an awful sense of humor, I ramble on and on about my weekends when there’s an awkward silence and I sometimes like to make senseless duets with my sister and really that is all ok, because that is WHO I am. I’m learning to accept it and coming to terms with the fact that: people have their own worries, their own issues and their own lives, they don’t spend their afternoons thinking about how I pronounced a word. I’m slowly learning to show my personality without looking back because…. nobody cares!!