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  • Its My Birthday- What I Learned.

    It seemed like yesterday that I sat down and wrote my birthday post. I cannot believe it has been 365 days already. How time flies, being that today is my birthday I have been going down memory for the past year and its amazing how things have changed, how my mindset has changed and just who I have become as a person.

    Black pencil skirt with green ruffle top.

    When nearing the end of the year I always reflect on what happened that specific year and never what that year taught, and this year I want to do something different. Instead of pointing out the craziness of my past age, I’m going to name a few things I learned.

    Jeremiah 29: 11 I have always loved this scripture and still do. It has taught me how important it is to put God 1st. Even when I feel like there’s no hope to believe, it keeps me motivated.

    Worrying is pointless. I honestly worry too much. I worry even when there’s nothing to be worried about. If I had known earlier I would have saved myself ton of stress. I learned that life flows the way it flows.

    Fairy godmothers don’t exist. I’ve always known this, but I never really put into action.This year I learned that if you want something to happen then you going to have to do it yourself. I learned to create my own dreams and not wait around for a magical being.

    I haven’t walked in anybody else’s shoes. This is one of the important lessons I learned this year and really put it play, although not fully mastered I learned not judge books by their covers. I have no idea how a person’s life is no matter how amazing or dull it may seem. I have no right to judge.

    Here’s to saying ciao to 23 and welcoming 24! Have a glass of champagne for me and wish me luck on this new journey.