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  • The Future.

    Welcome, firstly, to the brand new and improved Maria Nampala 2.0, previously known as Maria’s World. its been in the works for a while now and here we finally are. I changed the blogs name to my full name because i want my brand to represent who i really am in every sense of the word. I’m so thrilled to finally launch the second design of my wellbeing, fashion and beauty blog.

    Where am I going from here?

    I started this blog to explore my passion for writing and tell my stories in my own words. The blogging world has blown up so much in an unbelievable way that I got lost somewhere in the crowd and felt I lacked the creativity to continue bringing quantity content. But, with this new blog design you can definitely be sure that my creative juices are already flowing and you can expect a brand new, content rich post every single day. Like many others I’m ready to put in the work, post consistently and build and a loyal readership. I simply love this little creative space of mine and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

    Enjoy the new site, and please leave me any feedback in the comments about the new site, and leave any topic suggestions you would love to see on the blog. Thank you for being here!