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  • Heaven in A Cup.

    The one thing I love about winter is that you can sit in a sofa covered in your favourite fluffy blanket with a cup of your favourite drink and snack, binge watching your favourite show and nobody will judge you because it’s winter and you have the right to be in one position to keep warm. Although we’re not in winter here in Namibia, I already feel like I’m in winter as I’m in the coast and I find myself curled up on a sofa most of the time.

    Yum yum
    This time last year I told myself it would be the last Valentines I spend without a boyfriend and I stand corrected. To comfort myself I made myself my favourite winter drink which is a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. I simply love it. The fluff before reaching the chocolate is amazing. I make myself a cup, take the best seat in the house and indulge in all things TV. The only thing I’m missing is the oh so amazing popcorn from SkinnyPop.
    If you’re single on Valentines day, don’t be bothered. Make yourself your favourite winter drink to comfort yourself.
    Happy Valentines Day
    Kisses, Maria