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  • Happy Late Late New Year

    My attention seeking babies.
    Hello lovelies, This is my first post of 2018 and I cannot believe we are already in the last week of January. I just came back from home at the Village where getting a bar of network is a struggle. So, I’ve been off line since the dark days of December, though I should admit it was good to be offline and just take it all in.
    I don’t know how many of you guys ever lived in a village and I’m talking about an African village where pounding and cultivating are your work outs. Its not for the weak. The sun is much hotter, bugs and reptiles are everywhere.
    For the first time in forever there wasn’t much to do. For weeks we woke up and had nothing to do but tell stories. I cooked and fed the pigs. I’ve pounded more than I’ve ever done, which kind of worked in my favor as my arms are now toned, beautiful and firm. Christmas was amazing with my family, a few of my siblings couldn’t make it, but those of us present we made the most of it. Rains came a bit late, which was really worrying because if we don’t cultivate we won’t have anything to eat, literally. Since I’ve been back in the city ( two days ago) I’ve been hiding from the world, trying to get my skin pretty and flawless again and remove the braids I’ve had since forever.
    Instead of new year’s resolutions, this year I’m gonna hope for a greater year, both personally and professionally. I’m hoping to meet exciting new people, for new relationships and build the older ones even stronger.
    It’s a bit late to ask but what did you guys do for the holidays?
    Kisses, Maria