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  • Another Year Older

    I was dreading this day so so much. The past few days I’ve found myself sighing in disbelief, I cannot believe a whole year has passed and I’m turning a year older. It’s crazy how time flies by! Birthdays are a blessing, I know I should be grateful and I am grateful, I’m just not excited at the moment as I feel so much older than I am.
    This whole year has just flown by and I cannot believe we are a week away from the new year. I didn’t like the way the year started off, but as the months came and left it got better. It wasn’t an easy year nor an awful one either. It’s been a year of new feelings (good and bad), personal challenges, academic challenges and personal growth.

    I’m not excited about my birthday this year because I thought by this age I would’ve achieved a lot and I’m just not seeing any progress. I know I should not put pressure on myself, but I cannot help it. I’ve always known how lucky we are to turn a year older, not everybody gets that chance. Even though turning a year older can bring a lot of worries and concerns (both in my case) I do feel privileged to get another chance at life, however it comes.
    With mixed feelings and tears rushing down my face (I don’t know if their tears of joy) I say cheers to yet another year of tears, uphill battles, rough times and wonderful moments.
    May this new age be good to me and hopefully bring me love. Here’s to many more!