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  • Getting out of the House

    Lighting a scented candle, listening to music, taking a hot bath and watching your favourite show while sipping a glass of red wine (or white) are all ways considered of getting over a bad mood. Which are all great really, but why not try something new?
    I spend most of my time indoors. I’d rather be cooped up on the couch binge watching a TV show rather than meeting up with friends, not that going out is a problem, I just prefer to be in my comfort zone and not try to hold myself back to act civilised. Whenever I leave the house I could swear my eyes are allergic to all that light and run back inside to avoid the pain and suffering. 🙂
    I’ve been getting out, taking walks, jogging and going to the store for things I don’t need. You guys might already know this, but getting out the house is a mood lifter. Having that fresh air hit your face and just getting your body moving is one of the best free things you can gift yourself.
    Whatever you plan on doing when you leave the house should be something that is going to leave you energised, relaxed and happy. Maybe it’s having coffee with a friend,other people always help distract us from our own problems,or if you can afford it, get a massage or a manicure, as long as you’re off the couch clearing your mind.
    Once in a while give yourself time away from your own thoughts and get distracted.
    Kisses, Maria