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  • Create Your Own Happiness

    Hello loves, Hope you had an amazing weekend. I on the other hand came down with a bug, I spent my entire weekend in pyjamas on a couch with a throw covering my entire body, sweating and shaking at the same time, watching whatever was on TV and popping pills left and right. 🙁

    Not every day is a happy day. And not every day do we feel motivated to get out of bed and make our dreams come true, whether short-term or long-term. Most of us procrastinate at the very start of everyday, will I get up today? Will I eat right? Will I finally finish that paper I’ve been hoping to finish? The point is you have the power to choose. To make a choice and take the first step to finding your happiness on your OWN!
    This week I want you to find your fulfilment, I want you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and make it a priority to help those in need, also I want you to show yourself some love, give yourself more credit and the gift of peace. This week make it a priority to wake up and create what you really love.
    As always thank you for reading and I hope you have a productive week ahead.
    Kisses, Maria