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  • Coffee Talk: Why Change is Good.

    Hello lovelies,
    November came and left and not once did I pay attention to my blog. I have been extremely busy and I apologise (I seem to be doing a lot of that recently). It’s the first of December and I have mixed feeling about it. December is my birthday month and I’m not excited about it, as my birthday draws closer, my heart grows somber as it’s just a reminder that I’m growing old and have not lived, at least not yet. On the other hand, December means going home and enjoying Christmas with family. This year we decided to do secret santa and I’m so excited and cannot wait to see what everybody got.

    I’m starting a coffee talk and every Friday there would be a new topic I’m excited about, not agreeing with or simply just a talk. And for my first talk I’m talking about change. We go through so many changes, whether it’s moving to another town/city, losing a long time friend or a change of how one views life.
    How many times do you find yourself muttering ‘They’ve changed’ or ‘She has changed’ and we say such phrases in a negative way. One thing I’ve come to know is that we never realise that what is not on your radar doesn’t mean it won’t beneficial for another person. If your friend wants to leave her job and start her own business, support her, help her grow and be independent instead of putting them down. We should learn to not impose our views of life on others and learn to respect their feelings and decisions.

    I’ve spoken about being positive before, something I find really hard to keep up with. If you find it hard to keep up with being positive, don’t influence the people around you to give up on their dreams. Encourage them to follow their dreams, let them grow without fear or judgement and spread positivity.
    Remember, you can be best of friends or closest of family, but life happens. Sometimes life pulls you apart and people drift away and sometimes if there’s love and support you find your way back to each other and if you don’t, remember life happens. Move on to better things and find people who build and encourage you. I’m not saying you should give up on people the moment things go wrong, I’m saying fight for people worth fighting for.
    How do you deal with change? Let me know in the comments.
    As always, thank you for reading.
    Kisses, Maria