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  • Stop Feeling Overwhelmed!

    If you asked me how I manage my life, I wouldn’t have an answer for you, because truthfully I don’t. I’m the type of person who has a ton to do and all I’ll do is get in my room, lock the door, listen to music or lie in bed thinking of all the things I’m supposed to be doing.
    You’ll find me asking “What are you doing with your life?” and still not have an answer for myself. Another thing I’ve recently noticed is that I get excited about doing something I’m passionate about and after a couple of days I stop caring and give up.

    The past week I had so much to do, and it affected me physically and emotionally. I couldn’t get enough sleep (not that I usually do), but not getting my usual 5hrs of sleep affected me especially when attending those 7am classes. My body started aching and my brain wasn’t functioning. I’ll be in class and not hear a word or I’ll be studying and not know what I just read, it was crazy.
    I decided to do something new, change up my routine a little bit and see if it will work.
    The very first thing I did was :

    • Ask myself what the one thing that, if I completed it, would give me a win for that day?

    I jotted everything I needed to do that week, and picked out the one giving me more trouble. I sat down, did thorough research on the topic and got my work done. Doing that took so much off my plate and I should tell you, I was hungry for more.

    • Next question up was: What I’m doing now, is this what I should be focused on?

    I fought myself on this one. I contemplated, and finally I said to myself, admitting your weaknesses is great but what are you going to do about it? Prioritise, that’s what I’m going to do!
    How about you? How do you manage your life?
    Always remember to BREATH.
    Kisses, Maria