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  • Dream Home decor: Bedroom

    After doing the home decor inspo post I thought I should break it down and share with you guys my dream home decor. Every Thursday for the next few weeks I’ll share with you a room of how I would want my dream home to look like.
    As a self-proclaimed ‘pinaholic’ I should let you know that all pictures are from Pinterest.

    I’ll start off with the bed. I would love a queen bed with a simple head board, shouldn’t make much of a statement. I would love white and Pastel sheets just like in the pictures with a little bit of fluff.

    Wall Art
    The wall above my bed, I would love to add framed art or quotes. They should be simple and straightforward, light and bright. I would love them in big frames rather than having a lot of framed art all over.

    Blogging Desk
    I would love to have my blogging desk in my bedroom, with my computer and flowers. I always feel like I think well when in my bedroom as it’s just my music and my thoughts.

    Walk-in Closet
    I’m not gonna lie, this will probably take up most of the space in my room. I love my clothes, shoes and bags, everything fashionable. A walk-in closet would be the perfect closet, and if it would have a table with drawers just like in the pictures, that would be perfect.

    My bathroom, I want it to be simple, warm,bright and clean. Glass shower, massive mirror and preferably marble tiles.
    I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll be back for the other dream rooms. Thank you for reading.
    Let me know your thoughts on my dream room, and what you would love in your dream room.
    Kisses, Maria