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  • Treat Your Feet Right.

    Cleansing our faces is the normal thing to do, we spend so much time and money making sure we stay radiant and preserve our beautiful skin for as long as we can, which is good, but do we take time to take care of other body parts, like our feet?
    Yesterday, after writing the earthing post I thought I should do a follow up on how to take care of our feet. Our feet go through a lot, squeezed into heels most of the day to being smothered in sweaty socks or pantyhose. Personally I always scrub my feet on weekends and when I’m getting into my jeans and realize I might leave them with holes in them because of my flaky feet I scrub every single day and make sure they are well moisturized.
    I love taking care of my feet. I love how smooth the heel always feels, well most of the time. And all this care is made possible by this three beautiful products from Avon. First up the 4-1 pedicure pamper tool. This thing is amazing it allows you to scrub in between the toes, removes all flaky excess from the heel. After the bath I apply the foot soak to keep them soft and moisturized.
    Here are a few of my favorite ways to pamper my feet.

    • Always wash your feet carefully and regularly.
    • Soak your feet on a regular, warm water works wonder, add a little foam bath.
    • Moisturize your feet after washing, always.
    • Minimize your time in flat shoes.

    Stop taking those regular trips to the spa and pamper your feet at home.