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  • 5 Ways To Be Happy on your OWN.

    Here’s the thing about happiness: the only person who can help you be genuinely happy is yourself.
    It’s nice to have friends, family or your better half to keep you smiling, but sometimes its all on you. If you depend on people to always make you happy it won’t work as they won’t always be there when you need them. What you have to start doing today is to depend on yourself, just because you are not invited to the latest party doesn’t mean you have to fall into a self-pitying party. Happiness comes from within. You’re the one who has to change your thinking, and keep yourself going.
    Grab your favorite wine, g and drink from the bottle, put on your favorite song and dance to it till you can’t no more. do your nails, cook your favorite meal, watch the latest blockbuster or that scene from your favorite movie or series that always leave you out of breath. Do whatever makes you Happy!
    Here’s a quick guide to show you the habits for being happy on your own:

    • Figure out what makes you happy

    Figure out what truly makes you happy, get to know yourself better. Spend time alone, study yourself, relax and focus on your mind, body and soul. Make yourself the top priority.

    • Practice Self-Love.

    Stop thinking about how the people in your life make you happy and think of how YOU can make yourself happy. Accept yourself from the inside out.

    • Take A walk.

    Put on your Favorite work out outfit and take a walk, while out there enjoy nature and if you see something amazing, smile and live in the moment.

    • Let go.

    To boost your happiness you have to detach from past negativity.  Let it go. If it’s a bad thought, it doesn’t deserve your attention.

    • Be Happy.

    Now that you know yourself, its time to accept yourself and be positive. Whatever your faults are, they are your normal, you are unique that way. Accept yourself, be happy, if you think you’re weird, stay weird, weird is good!!