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  • Amsterdam

    Hello lovelies,
    Hope you guys are having a good day so far. We’ve been enjoying  Spring for quite a while now, some mixing up our beautiful colorful outfits, some enjoying fun spring make up and some of us (me) wishing we could visit an amazing city while the season lasts.

    By now you guys know I’m obsessed with travelling (while not doing any travelling). While looking at other amazing cities I would love to visit I came upon Amsterdam, the beautiful city that captured my eyes in The fault in our Stars, with its artistic heritage, narrow houses with gabled facades, and elaborate canal system, and the best thing is I hear it’s amazing to visit during this season.

    If I ever get to visit I’ll make sure to go this time and check out the  Keukenhof Gardens, join in the fun on King’s day and finally pay the flower strip a visit. I’m sure I’ll enjoy other great activities and cuisine but those will be the unmissable ones.
    Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Did you enjoy it and what would you recommend I do while there.
    Kisses, Maria